Shadows In The Void #17

Shadows In The Void #17

Shadows In The Void #17 on Radio Mutation,

60 minutes of punk loneliness and trash emptiness, provided by some (g)host in distress.


Here’s the playlist :


Day Of The Rope- Spray Paint (from the “Punters On A Barge” lp on Homeless)

Get Excitement- Patois Counselors (from “Proper Release” lp on Ever/Never)

Sense Of Urgency- Counter Intuits (from the “Counter Intuits” lp on Pyramid Scheme)

Red Asphalt- Red Asphalt (from the “Red Asphalt” 7” on Egg And Anvil)

I’m Going Nowhere- Regulations (from the “Electric Guitar” cd on Cage Match Federation/ Ny Vag)

I’m Going Nowhere And I Don’t Care- Sick Thoughts (from the “Songs About People You Hate” lp on Neck Chop)

I Don’t Know Where I Am- Bernie and the Invisibles (from the “Cheese Borger’s Pie & Ears vol.2” cd compilation on Smog Veil)

Lost Cause- Negative Approach (from some unofficial cd but originally from the “Process Of Elimination” 7” ep compilation on Touch And Go)

I Don’t Mind- Toy Love (from the “Killed By Death #15” lp compilation on Redrum)

Don’t Give A Fuck About You- Liquids (from the “Hot Liqs Revenge” lp on Neck Chop)

Hate Me Hate Me- Spelling Mistakes (from the “Back To Front #2” lp compilation)

Erase You- Liquids (from the “Evil” 7” ep on Weirdly)

Nada- Frau (from the “Demo” mp3 album on their Bandcamp page)

No Face- Predator (from the 7” on Total Punk)

Be Alone- Sore Points (from the 7” on Hosehead)

Totally Useless- Liquids (from the “Evil” 7” ep on Weirdly)

Waste- Woodboot (from the “Krang Gang” lp on Neck Chop)

Reality (Is Laughing At You)- Vigil-Anti (from the “Not So Humdrum, The 2nd Aberrant Sydney compilaton” lp on Aberrant)

Survival (Is Killing Me)- Private Sector (from the “Cost Of Living” 7” ep on Byllepest)

Hanging From The Ceiling- Life Stinks (from the 7” Total Punk)

Nervous- Sweet Milk (from the “Killed By Meth #3” compilation on It’s Trash)

No I’m Not Alright- The Fritz (from “Demo” mp3 album on their Bandcamp page)

Can’t Control Myself- Subverts (from the “Killed By 7 Inch” lp compilation on Redrum)

Can’t Control Myself- Datenight (mp3 from the “Sonic Youth 18 Years On Earth” ep on their Bandcamp page)

Fix My Brainwash- X-Discos (from the “Xecuted” 7” ep on Episode Sounds)

I Lost My Mind- Lumpy and the Dumpers (from the “Collection” lp on Episode Sounds)

Sad And Crazy For A Long Time- Carbonas (from the “Your Moral Superiors : Singles and Rarities” double lp compilation on Goner)

Fall Of Man- Timmy Vulgar’s Genetic Armageddon (from the soon to be released “Music From The Other Side Of The Swamp” lp on Mind Meld)

Mouse Or Man- Beauticians (from the “Killed By Meth #3” compilation on It’s Trash)

Still Waiting- Aquarian Blood (mp3 from the “Aquarian Blood” digital album on their Bandcamp page, originally released as a tape on ZAP Cassettes)

Rewinder Blues- Tropical Trash (from the “A Dent In The Forever Can” ep cassette on Loki)

What Its Really About Is…- Suburban Homes (from the “E.P 3″ 7” ep on Neck Chop)


Thanks for listening.

Extra thanks to all the bands I’ve played.

And super special extra thanks to Peter from It’s Trash ! and It’s Trash ! records.



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