BIG ENCHILADA 124: 10th Anniversary Spooktacular

Welcome to the 10th anniversary of The Big Enchilada!!!!! And just like my very first podcast back in October 2008, it’s another Halloween show. So brace yourself, Bridget, it’s a twitchy, witchy, blood-suckin’, flesh-eatin’ nightmare of an episode and there’s not a ghost of a chance that you won’t love it.
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Here’s the playlist:

Background Music: Halloween Hell by The Goldstars)

Happy Halloween by The Fuzztones

All My Friends are Zombies by The Priscillas

Leave The Ghost at Home by Troy Gregory & The Sights

I Drink Blood by Rocket from the Crypt

I Came From Hell by The Monsters

Ghost Riders by Ronnie Dawson


(Background Music: Ghost Surfer by The Surf Lords)

Zombie Outbreak by Alien Space Kitchen

Ghost on the Highway by Trailer Bride

Cuidad Muerto by Los Eskeletos

Zombified by Southern Culture on the Skids

Runnin’ from the Ghost of Your Past by Stevie Tombstone

The Ghost With the Most by Almighty Defenders


(Background Music: Ghost Train by Stompin’ Riff Raffs

Ghost in the Trees by Thee Oh Sees

My Love is a Monster by Compulsive Gamblers

Spooks by Ghost Bikini

Vampire by Black Joe Lewis

(Background Music: Night of the Werewolf by Lee Kristofferson)

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