Smashin’ Transistors 38: And life keeps getting stranger every day

It’s high summer here in the land of Smashin’ Transistors. Much to do. Sometimes too much.

Somehow though, episode 38 managed to get done in a somewhat timely fashion.

Set your ears upon the following:

Zounds – Can’t Cheat Karma
Shark Toys – Confusion
Ma Holos – Celebrity Boots
The Three O’Clock – I Go Wild
En Attendant Ana – (Not) So Hard

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The Resource Network – Psychographics
Psychlops Eyepatch – Melting Flowers
Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Feed Me Magnetic Rain
New Order – Procession
Rose Mercie – Spring and Fall

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The Liquids – Talking On The Phone
The Mistreaters – How Much for the Women?
Howlin’ Wolf – Who’s Been Talkin’
John Wesley Coleman – Breaking Up Crazy
School Damage – Scump Damage 2

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Outer Spacist – Push
Dumb Vision – The Fall
Water Trash – Guess 
The Lavender Flu – Like A Summer Thursday
The Yankee Dollar – City Sidewalks

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