Kustom City Sounds Rumble #6

Kustom City Sounds Rumble # 6

Nik Turner – Fallen Angel (Cleopatra Records)
Lantern – Evil Eye (Sophomore Lounge Records)
POW! – Back On The Grid (Castle Face Records)
The Plague – The Face Of Time (Polydor Australia)
The Black Lips – Cruising (Adult Swim Records)
Music Bed one
The Longboatmen – Take Her Any Time (Polydor Records)
Thee Marvin Gays – Gotta Go (theemarvingays.bandcamp.com)
The Users – Sick Of You (Raw Records)
Tony Bennett – Nuclear Attack
The Fall – Lie Dream Of The Casino Soul (Kamera Records)
Micky Most & The Gear – That’s All Right (Polydor Records)
Music Bed Two
Unnatural Axe – Summertime (Lawless Records)
Escobar – Misbehavior (Dirty Water Records)
Sweet Crystal – Warlords (Riding Easy Records)
Black Pussy – Slice Of Paradise (Made in China Records)
Imperial State Electric – Sheltered In The Sand  (Psycho Records)
Music Bed 3
Santos – Juicy Fruit (Wild Records)
Oh! Gunquit – Caves (Dirty Water Records)
Sam Cooke – Feel It (RCA Records)
Tandoori Knights – Bucketful (Norton Records)
Damaged Bugs – The Mirror (Castle Face Records)
Music Bed Four


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