It’s Trash! #118 – Red Mass

Red Mass- Kdavr
Red Mass- White Nights
Red Mass- Lord of the Rats
Red Mass- Rat Race
Protruders- N/A
Bad Times- Wrong way to Live
Erik Nervous- Grandma Petticoat
Neo Neos- Scary Island
Muzzy- Tazed and Confused
Skull Cult- U need
Gee Tee- Chill Cruze II
Cyber Bullies- Leather and Lazers
Cobra Cobra- Blobs
Slow- Bad Man
Rik and the Pigs- Don’t tell on me
Teenage Head- Picture my Face
The Number Ones- Breaking Loose
Red Mass- Space Rock n Roll
Red Mass- To all the Good People
Red Mass- Radio Radio
Red Mass- Today I Die
Red Mass- Aggressive Tendencies
Amyl and the Sniffers- Balaclava Lover Boogie
Normals- No Cigar
Perverts Again- Cereal Bowl
Knowso- Human Like Me
Strange Attractor- Comatose
Irritations- Schoolyard Justice
Cheating Hearts- Heart Attack
Les Sexareenos- I can’t
The Daylight Lovers- King of Useless Drinking
CPC Gangbangs- Teenage Crimewave
Towananda- The Anti Heroine

Red Mass- Rat Race EP Available Now on It’s Trash!


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