Shadows In The Void #16

Shadows In The Void #16 on Radio Mutation.

(Almost) Back from the dead,
Comes again DeadEnd Fred,
With some bloodstained selections
And strange wicked mutations.

Thanks to “Caveman” Mark Norman for the artwork.

Here’s the playlist :
Sick In Halifax- Science Project (from the “Basement Blues” 7” ep on Neck Chop)
Disease- Special Interest (from the mp3 demo album “P.r.E.P. Love Unity Respect”, on their Bandcamp page)
Mental Disease – Dow Jones and the Industrials (from the “Can’t Stand The Midwest 1979-1981” cd compilation on Family Vineyard)
Mutant Eye- Woodboot (from the “Krang Gang” lp on Neck Chop)
Human Fly- The Cramps (from the “…Off The Bone” lp compilation on Illegal)
Dating A Fly- BB Eye (from the “Headcheese Heartthrob” ep on Fish)
Flyeater- Crime (from the “San Fransiscos Still Doomed” lp compilation on Swami)
DDT- Turpentine Brothers (from the “Turpentine Brothers” lp on Alien Snatch!)
Nightmare City- Ghäli (from the 2016 mp3 demo, on their  Bandcamp page)
Crimes Tonight- The Cavemen (from “The Cavemen” lp on Dirty Water)
Murder Quadrant- Woodboot (from the “Crime Time” lp on Erste Theke Tonträger)
Feel It Die- Skull Cult (from the “Vol. One + Vol. Two” 7” lp on Erste Theke Tonträger)
Puddle Of Blood- Paint Fumes (from the “If It Ain’t Paint Fumes It Ain’t Worth A Huff” lp on Get Hip)
Choked- Constant Mongrel (from the “Heavy Breathing” ep on Siltbreeze)
Violent Beach- Primitive Hands (from the “Primitive Hands” lp on Alien Snatch!)
Stray- The Fritz (from “The Fritz” lp on Drunken Sailor)
Facts- Brutal Birthday (from the “Tropical Trash/Brutal Birthday” split 7” on Maple Death)
Safety Instructions- Frau (from the “Typical Girls” lp compilation on Emotional Response)
Blowjobs- Amyl and the Sniffers (from the “Big Attraction/Giddy Up” lp on Homeless)
(Fluid) Bound 2- Special Interest (from the mp3 demo album “P.r.E.P. Love Unity Respect”, on their Bandcamp page)
Love Woz Strange- Booji Boys (from the “Weekend Rocker” lp on Drunken Sailor)
Habit- Jackson Politick (from the “Paste V.1″ lp on Neck Chop)
Sit & Stare- Cruz Somers (from the 7” ep on Goodbye Boozy)
Beatniks Theme- Beatniks (from the 7” on Neck Chop)
Dirt From The Mop- Black Panties (from the 7” on Total Punk)
There’s Nothing- Sore Points (from the “Sore Points Demo” mp3 ep, on their Bandcamp page)
Come Home With Me- Ausmuteants (from the “Band Of The Future” lp on Aarght!)
Negative Shape- Freak Genes (from the “Playtime” lp on Alien Snatch!)
Last Night Straight- Tropical Trash (from the “Tropical Trash/Brutal Birthday” split 7” on Maple Death)
Ma Solitude Et Moi- Lili Z. (from the “Lili Z.” 10” ep on Polly Maggoo)
Sewercide- electric eels (from the “Die Electric Eels” lp on Superior Viaduct)

Thanks for listening.

Extra super thanks again to Mark for getting me out of lethargy.


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