It’s Trash! #117 – Blaze It.

The Specials- Too Hot
Shit Blimp- Dollar Dog Nite
Shit Blimp- Beat My Drum
Erik Nervous- (Do the) Simulate
Transylvania 500- Speedway Tragedy
Rik and the Pigs- Steve B. Goode
Damned- I Feel Alright
Normals- Demented Breakdown
Amyl and the Sniffers- I’m Not a Loser
CPC Gangbangs- What Love Is
Booji Boys- Oh Yeah
Mick Futures- In Case We Learn
Teenage Head- Little Boxes
Sore Points- Be Alone
Naughty Girls- Full Time Job
Hundred Handers- Weird Electricity
Cracked Eye- The King
Personality Crisis- Mrs. Palmer
Seltzer- Just Me
Liquids- Bottomless Pit
Neo Neos= Jisatsu II
Bizarros- Young Girls at the Market
Painted Trends- Kamikazee
Skull Cult- Don’t Wanna Go
Muzzy- Darkwing Cuck
Beastman- Ingrown
Perverts Again- Two-A-Days
Rik- Nothing New
Electric Eels- Anxiety
Screamers- Mater Dolores
Unreal Thought- Yellow Walls
Billy Synth- The Mask
Wlmrt- My Ass my Ass My Ass
Big Hog- Big Log
Big Hog- Big Hog
Mature Situations- These Old Hands
Plates- Sentimental Jenny Jones Fodder
Knowso- Look at the Chart

Originally Aired April 20th, 2018 on 94.9FM CHRW.


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