Smashin’ Transistors 35: They measure the beat to understand the situation

Did pop music’s king have has Kool Aidanimated film when he was a child?

What happens when a son discusses proto-punk history with his dad?

Are those questions answered? That is for all of us to surmise. Let your eardrums chew on the sounds of episode 35 of the Smashin’ Transistors podcast and gather for yourself what they concluded.

What you’ll hear:
Nikki Sudden – Channel Steamer
Iceage – Pain Killer
Patois Counselors – The Modern Station
Times New Viking – New Times, New Hope
T-Model Ford – Can’t Be Touched
-words from your host-
Gen Pop – No Identify
Set-Top Box – Company Time
Wooden Shjips – Red Line
Vertigo – Smoked
Glass Traps – Super Protected
-words from your host-
Outer Spacist – Peripheral Visions
The Total Rejection – Party Seven
Füxa – Our Lips Are Sealed
Jackson 5 – I’ll Bet You
The Mystery Girls – Quit Your Flying Around
-words from your host-
Red Mass – Rat Race
Gallery Night – Young Love Doesn’t Last
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – City Slang
Pineapple RnR – Rain Cage
Spacemen 3 – I Love You
-words from your host-

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