It’s Trash! #115 – Trash Rash

Skull Cult- Pissed
Real Regular- Doesn’t it Bleed?
Gee Tee- Death Race
MOTO- 2-4-6-8 Rock n Roll
Tommy and the Commies- Devices
Drains- Cutting Out
Dangus Tarkus- Amerika
Toxic Womb- Predator and Prey
Neo Neos- Leatherface is my Neighbour
Painted Trends- Champion
Dogs- Sally’s Eyes
Corner Boys- Joke of the Neighbourhood
Teenage Head- You’re Tearing me Apart
Acrylics- Gluttony
Billy Synth- Captain’s Groove
Erik Nervous- Misfit Right In
Celetoids- Must be the Gremlins
Mick Future- My Machine Gun
Booji Boys- Mr. Nazi’s on the Beat
Wlmrt- Crank 2
Bills- One
Looping- Asthma
Lumpy and the Dumpers- Looney
Big Hog- Big Dog
Tommy T.- Business Man
Black Abba- Feel Good
Shox Lumaniar- Signals
Devo- Be Stiff
Soupcans- MTL SPD
Little Fyodor and the Babushka- Truly Rejected
Soupcans- Wet Alien
Jay Reatard- Eat your Heart Out
Rotters- Pink Flamingos
Hundred Handers- Bedside Manners
Cracked Eye- Sheepskin

Originally Aired March 23rd, 2018 on 94.9FM CHRW.


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