Motteys Garage 76




monsters / drug train
the experimental tropic blues band / i dig you much and more
the crumbs / alien girl
black sabbath / gypsy
lightning hopkins / come back baby
the troublemakers / i hope she’s satisfied
tim timebomb and friends / lip up fatty
the skids/ kings of the new world order
the hentchmen / skylark
bleached / poison ivy
armitage shanks / another beer
baked goods / beach shirt
the devil dogs / its not easy
troubled boys / rock n roll is dead
automatic / no big deal
toys that kill / the nervous rock
the cavemen / lust for evil
the grizzly adams band / girls cant wait
shady and the vamp/ youre so loud
brimestone howl / like a dog
ugly miss piggy / kiss me piggy
wild wing / the hole
flemmings / the rats are back
peter and the test tube babies / silicone beer gut


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