BIG ENCHILADA 118: Strike Up the Band

Strike up the band — strike up lots of bands! — it’s another pulverizing episode of The Big Enchilada Podcast on Radio Mutation. This month you’ll hear new songs by the likes of Reverend Beat-Man, Archie & The Bunkers, The Hollywood Sinners; some the acts I saw recently at South by Southwest, including The Hickoids, The Ghost Wolves, Nobunny and Count Vaseline — plus plenty more.

And, for the first time in years, The Big Enchilada is officially listed in the iTunes store. So go subscribe, if you haven’t already (and gimme a good rating and review if you’re so inclined.) Thanks.

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Here’s the playlist:

Laura by Archie & The Bunkers

Jump Into the River by Roy Loney & The A-Bones

Drive Like an Italian by Sir Bald Diddley & His Wig-Outs

In Glass by Nots

Get Messy by The Darts

Voodoo Woman by The Shades

(Background Music: Dirty Britches by The Leap Frogs)

Cool Arrow by Hickoids

Church Mouse by Nobunny

Heavy is the Head That Wears the Crown by Count Vaseline

Crybabies Go Home by The Ghost Wolves

The White Wolf is Back in Town by Reverend Beat-Man & The New Wave

Fiesta Nuclear by Hollywood Sinners

Next Door Neighbor by Jerry McCain

(Background Music: Really Big Time by The Fireballs)

A Clown Gave You a Baby by John Wesley Coleman III

Sombras by The Ugly Beats

Mother’s Tin Mustache by Nobody’s Children

Anala by The King Khan & BBQ Show

Out of Control by Wayne County & The Electric Chairs

(Background Music: Strike Up the Band by Count Basie)

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