It’s Trash! #113 – Trash It!

Fast Cars- Everyday I make the same mistakes
Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants- I lost my mind
Muzzy- Moron
Explosives- I’m an Explosive
Booji Boys- Locked up in the City
Nushu- Generator Nobophobe
Nightbummerz- Assembly
Black Orphan- Video Kids
Neo Neos- Do’n Noth’n
Throbbin Urges- I’m so Sick
Aluminum Knot Eye- My Life as an Eel
Government- Shootout
Drains- Code Rule
Artificial Dissemination- Sell you Shit
PVC- Telephones
Dead Kennedys- Religious Vomit
Pure Hell- America
Vicious Cycle- I Hate Cops

Originally Aired February 16th on 94.9FM CHRW


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