The House of Wild Delights #53

The House of Wild Delights #53.

The House of Wild Delights #53 on Radio Mutation, another kaleïdoscopic production by your drunk’n’unemployed host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher !!!

DOWNLOAD and get full of colors !

Here’s the palylist :

You Treat Me Bad- The JuJus

Hurtin Kind- The Bittersweets

Feeling Sad And Lonely- The Bush

Shade’s Of Blue- The Werp’s

I Scream Colors- Mac Blackout

Green Fuz- Randy Alvey and the Green Fuz

White Ship- The Denims

Experiment In Color- The Blues Company

Almost There- The Spirits

Red Light- The Sands Of Time

Bluest Boy In Town- Phil Gray and his Go Boys

Blues In The Blue Of The Night- Billy Barton and the Circle O Ranch Boys

Blowing Suds Off My Beer- Rocky Bill Ford and the Sunset Ramblers


Chuck A Muck- The King Khan and BBQ Show


Cockroach Blues- Bassholes

Unemployment- Steve and the Holidays

I Wanna Feel Good- Bill Carter

Don’t Need No Job- Jerry Parsons and the Blues Jeans

Let Me Come In- Hasil Adkins

Hang In There- Bloodshot Bill

Hidden Charms- Link Wray and the Raymen


Injun- The Hotbeats


Bermuda- The Bangsters

The Queen Of Bermuda- Guitar Wolf

Hawaiian Voters- Lamps

Thanks for listening.



  1. Claudao Pilha says:

    Dude, you host the best radio show ever made by a human being. I have a waterproof mp3 device and I listen to your show while I’m swimming. And the rest of the time of my day too. Very educational. Congrats and greetings from Brazil, this cesspool of a country.

    • thescreaminsoulpreacher says:

      Thank you very much Claudao ! Those super kind words make me so happy !!!
      The House of Wild Delights, a waterproof show for underwater creatures all around the world, from the pink bathroom to the deep blue sea !!! What a great way to listen to music by the way.
      Thanks again.

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