It’s Trash! #112 – Super Sexy Co-Host?

The Fall- Put Away
Honest Blue- Too Dumb to Cumb
Plasmalab- Hole in the Ground
Dik Van Dykes- Harold Snepsts
First Base- You’ve got a hold of me
Astral Gunk- Hedonism
Naughty Girls- Bad Habits
Phone Jerks- Third Wheel
Black Jaspers- I wanna be a Star
Neo Neos- Give me a Chance
Prom Nite- Condo
Prom Nite- Missionary
Patsy- Tommy Bobby Johnny
Foam- Test Flight
Suicide Generation- Suicide
Cola Freaks w/ Alicja Trout- Surfin with Steve and Edamin
CPC Gangbangs- L.A. Sleeze
The Drains- Neon Sadness
Get off the Cop- Polly Pocket
X_X- No Non Cents
Clone Defects- Stray Boy
Timmy’s Organism- Chemical Make Up
Saints- No Time
Misanthropes- (I’m gonna) Waste my Time
Demon’s Claws- Hunting on the 49th
Mirrors- We’ll See
Les Lutins- Laissez-Nous Vivre
DD Owen- I Hate this City
Paul Jacobs- Words of Wisdom
Liquids- Got the Disease
Liquids- Lets Eat Him
Susans- A/C
Walnut Kids- Sabrina Sabrina
Klazo- The Race
Bloody Show- My Ways


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