It’s Trash! #111 – Five Year Trash-a-Versary Show

Spits- Dropout
Statues- Television Sect
Red Mass- Stains
Rad Kids- Neon Lights
Fashion! Fashion! and the Image Boys- Breakout Tonight
Brutal Knights- Rather see you Dead
Strange Attractor- Push Party
Neo Neos- City to City (we rock)
Liquids- Selfish
Liquids- Bottomless Pit
Skull Cult- Black Mask
Skull Cult- Skulled
Drains- Dumpster Town
Tommy T- Perfection
Scaners- Kadhafi Twist
Rik and the Pigs- Electric
Get off the Cop- Guy from Space
Hobocop- I was a Beautiful Hippy
Foam- In Life and Death
Newish Star- Double Super Jackpot
Box Elders- Alice and Friends
Steve Treatment- Ingrowing Toenail
Susans- (ode to ) Lunch
Numbers- Mr. Dempster
Diodes- Tennis (again)
Moderns- Escape Velocity
Wayne County & the Electric Chairs- Things your mother never told you
Cowboys- I hope shes OK
Hentchmen- Carriage
Cheetahs- Honey Dripper
Blue Cheer- Second Time Around
Sore Points- There’s Nothing
City Slang- Cold Dead Nights
Patsy- Heathen
Plasmalab- Pena
X_X- Approaching the Minimal Spray Gun
Cheater Slicks- Psychic Toll
Phone Jerks- Third Wheel
Soupcans- Blank Jello
Soupcans- Wet Alien
Paul Jacobs- All I Need


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