Earache Radio No 26


The Gaza Strippers – “Transistor”
The Superkools – “Love Turns Grey”
Plastic Crimewave Sound – “Grade Ceased”
Teengenerate – “Out of Sight”
The Jet Boys – “I Don’t Need Your Love”
The Knights of Trash – “Tell Me Tell Me”
The Cynics – “Goin’ Away”
The Chrome Cranks – “Eight Track Mind”
The Gorgons – “Crab Cake”
The People’s Temple – “Jim Jones”
Poison Idea – “Kick Out the Jams”
The Motards – “Yo Love Mexico”
Timmy’s Organism – “Cold Pizza”
The Kent 3 – “No Strange Man”
White Mystery – “Power Glove”
Mac Blackout Band – “Life is Hard”
Tumor Circus – “Meathook Up My Rectum”
Cobra Verde – “One Step Away From Myself”
The Livids – “Stop Bleeding”
Lover! – “Forced to the Ground”


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