Earache Radio No 24


Napalm Beach – “Last Big Heartache”
The Honeymoon Killers – “Get it Hot”
The Leaving Trains – “Rock N’ Roll Murder”
Helmet – “In the Meantime”
Mudhoney – “Baby Help Me Forget”
Urge Overkill – “(I’m on a) Drunk”
Hole – “Retard Girl”
Pussy Galore – “Die Bitch”
Penetration Moon – “Fifth a Day”
Poison Idea – “The Badge”
Whopping Big Naughty – “Your Not Coming”
Black Flag – “Damaged I”
The Dwarves – “Here’s Looking at You” / “Down and Dirty”
Born Loose – “Bright Light Fright”
Antiseen – “We Got This Far Without You”
The Temporal Sluts – “Gun Boy”
The Trots – “Now I’m a Real Rock N’ Rolla Cause I Drink Whiskey and Coca Cola”
The Terminals – “Ritual”
The Atomsmashers – “Baby You Suck”
The Screaming Trees – “Barracuda”



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