Shadows In The Void #15

Shadows In The Void #15 on Radio Mutation.

Playlist :

Mangkukulam- Egrets On Ergot (from the “Surfeit Of Gemütlich” lp on Cleopatra)
I’m Living In Hell- Rubber Mate (from the “Rub ‘Em All” 7” ep on Cruel Noise/Saucepan)
Whip Me Lord- Surgeons (from the 7” on Total Punk)
Wired- LYSOL (from the 7” on Total Punk)
Latent Psychosis- Dow Jones and the Industrials (from the “Can’t Stand The Midwest 1979-1981” cd on Family Vineyard)
Anxiety Attack- The Suburban Homes (from the “Unemployed” 7” on Total Punk)
Drunk And Disordly- The Shirkers (from the “Killed By Death #9” lp compilation on Redrum)
Teenage Depression- Prime Ministers (from the “I Don’t Care Dutch Punk 1977-1983 vol.2” lp compilation on Pseudonym)
You’re Old- Broken Talent (from the “Rules No One” lp on Floridas Dead)
Teenage Life- The Cowboys (from the “Killed By Death #5” lp compilation on Redrum)
Living A Lie- Proto Idiot (from the “Leisure Opportunity” lp on Slovenly)
Children Stabbing Things- Erik Nervous (from the “Ice Cream” 7” on Total Punk)
Double Zero- Cruz Somers (from Cruz Somers Bandcamp page)
Suicide Generation- Suicide Generation (from the downloadable “1st Suicide” album)
Doctor Says- Eroders (from the 7” ep on It’s Trash)
You’re Full Of Shit- X_X (from the “Killed By Death #9” lp compilation on Redrum)
Lower Companion- Manager (from the “Killed By Meth #2 Rust Belt Rockers” lp compilation on It’s Trash)
Yakama Shiiwa (You’re Noisy)- Gutara Kyo (from the lp on Slovenly/Mondo Mongo)
The Hammer Of Civilization- Neo Neos (from the “EP MK1” ep on It’s Trash)
Increased Resistance- Gerry and the Holograms (from the “Gerry and the Holograms” lp on Cache Cache)
Electric Heat- Visitors (from the “Cease & Desist DIY ! (Cult Classics from the Post-Punk Era 1978-1982)” lp compilation on Optimo Music)
UFO- Les Lullies (from the “Don’t Look Twice” 7” ep on Slovenly)
The Burner- The Cowboy (from the “Cowboy Album” lp on Fashionable Idiots)
Hologram- The Urinals (from the “Negative Capability” double lp on In The Red Archives)
Stickin Pins- Counter Intuits (from the “Counter Intuits” lp on Pyramid Scheme)



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