Smashin’ Transistors 25: Polishing Silver

Hello everybody. I’m Dale. You may know me as the guy that ran Bancroft Records, my snark from the message boards of yore or, heck, even my rock-n-roll punditry and beer snobbery at Smashin’ Transistors.

I’ve been doing these podcasts for awhile but it took me a bit to get on board here at Radio Mutation. Kopper asked me a bunch of times to join but then something in my world would come along and distract me from following through.

Now I got it together and making it happen with a milestone. Here’s episode Twenty five of Smashin’ Transistors fake radio show slash mix tape! That entitles this thing to some silver right?

Here’s what you’ll hear.

The Plastic Cloud – Face Behind The Sun
Psychic Ills – Might Take A While
Obnox – Woe Is Me
Kid Koala – 2 Bit Blues
The Stallion – In the Flesh
The Choir – It’s Cold Outside
Razz – I Wont Fade
Teevee Fuzz – Jamboree
The Vaselines – Poison Pen
Belly Jelly – On Your Own
The Golden Boys – Lonely Girls
Cheap Trick – Baby Loves To Rock
Bloody Show – Psychic Witch
Lumpy And The Dumpers – Hair On The Inside
Stone Garden – Oceans Inside Me
Klazo – Restrictions
The Seculars – Calm You Down
Little Richard – Ooh my soul
The Chrome Cranks – Desperate Friends
AC/DC – Riff Raff


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