The House of Wild Delights special mixtape edition: Songs the Cheater Slicks Taught Us Part 2

More psyched’n’distorted hitter kicks the Cheater Slicks covered…

DOWNLOAD and get distressed…

Original art by Dave Shannon.

Thanks again to the Cheater Slicks.

Here’s the playlist :

Run, Run, Run- The Gestures
Destination Lonely- The Huns
Can It Be- The Savoy’s
Why- Dirty Wurds
The Hunch- Mad Mike and the Maniacs
Gorilla- The Shandells
Cheater Slicks- The Four Speeds
In And Out- Larry and the Blue Notes
Born Loser- Murphy and the Mob
Hear What I say- The Levis
Rum Drunk- The Mood
Look Out World- Silver Fleet
No Correspondence- The Beckett Quintet
Indefinite Inhibition- Myrchents
Crackin’ Up- The Wig
Savage Affection- Holocaust
Dejected Soul- The Maze
The Time You Spent With Me- Ohio Express
I’m Grounded- The Minimum Daily Requirements
My Little Red Book- Love
This Life Of Mine- The Lost Souls
Night Of The Sadist- Larry and the Blue Notes
Nightlife- The Del-Tinos
Please Give Me Something- Bill Allen and the Back Beats
We All Love Peanut Butter- The One Way Streets



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