The House of Wild Delights special mixtape edition: Songs the Cheater Slicks Taught Us, Part 1

A hypnotic psycho-delic trip into a distorted maze of songs the Cheater Slicks covered.

DOWNLOAD and get confused…

Original painting by David Shannon.

Thanks to the Cheater Slicks.

Playlist :

Roller Coaster- The 13th Floor Elevator
Silver Train- The Rolling Stones
Can’t You Hear (My Heartbeat)- The Outcry
Gonna Make You- The Troggs
Girl- Suicide
Set It On Fire- Scientists
Walk Up The Street- The Modern Lovers
Hook Or Crook- Alex Chilton
Half Past High- Butch Philips
Hypnosis- Lucifer
Can’t Find My Mind- The Cramps
Think I’m Coming Down- Lee Hazlewood
Child Of The Moon- The Rolling Stones
Lonely Planet Boy- Johnny Thunders
A Sad Guitar (Instr.)- The Bell Notes
Crying- Roy Orbison
Can’t Explain- Love
Mystery Ship- The Mystic Tide
Should I- The Half Beats
I Can Go On- The Riots
You’ve Got Me Cryin’- The Mauve
Leave My House- The Modds


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