It’s Trash! #105 – Neo Neos

  1. Muff Divers- Muff Divers Rule
  2. Neo Neos- The Hammer of Civilization
  3. Neo Neos- No Dancing
  4. Prom Nite- Eternity of Man
  5. Hundred Handers- Murder the Light
  6. Race Car- 911! Dang Wolf
  7. Beauticians- Planned Obsolescense
  8. Casual Burn- Normopathy
  9. XL Fits- Hakata Slasher
  10. Eroders- Land of
  11. Protruders- Paper Dolls
  12. Neutrals- Motorcycle Cop
  13. Plasmalab- Flippy Man
  14. Dangus Tarkus- Binky Boy
  15. Susans- Ode to Lunch
  16. Kaleidoscope- Satellites
  17. Timmys Organism- Revolution Eyes
  18. Accident- Televangelist Secret Girlfriend
  19. Sagger- Silver Streaker
  20. Pack- Remote Controlled
  21. Noble Savages- Hangin at This Ain’t
  22. Soupcans- Rene Descartes
  23. Mom- Let’s get Tammy Wynette
  24. Replacements- I’m in Trouble
  25. Suicide Commandos- Match/Mismatch
  26. Neo Neos- Puke Girl’s Class
  27. Neo Neos- Money Trash
  28. Phone Jerks- Crush Kill Employ
  29. Tim Ray and the Druts- Dying in Brooklyn
  30. Dishrags- Bullshit
  31. Rude Norton- Tits on the Beach
  32. Looping- As I am
  33. Teenage Hurricanes- Big Bad Blue
  34. Undertakers- Silver Dirt Gold
  35. Blades- Not a Man
  36. Epicycle- Pull your socks up
  37. 999- Lets Face it
  38. Sore Points- Still Standing

Neo Neos – The Hammer of Civilization EP available on It’s Trash! Records


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