GaragePunk Surfcast #37

Boo! Did we scare you? It’s HALLOWEEN, the best time of the year. Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio and Six Foot Plus is back to host this spooky, kooky, all together ooky episode of the GaragePunk Surfcast. It’s no fun-sized—you have a full-sized candy bar of an episode, featuring so many treats, you’ll think it’s a trick! Put on your costume, hit the beach and hang ten (or eleven) with this horror-riffic extravaganza!

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at Tune in to Six Foot Plus at

01. The Ghastly Ones, “Hangman Hangten”
02. Bobby’s Bar, “Night of the Vampires”
03. The Coffin Daggers, “Ghost Train”
04. The Guitaraculas, “Insomnia Of The Mummies”
05. The Evil Streaks, “The Creeper”
06. Famous Monsters, “Monster Stomp Bite Burn”
07. Guantanamo Baywatch, “Witch Stomp”
08. Thee Coremans, “Creature’s Crawl”
09. Genki Genki Panic, “976-EVIL”
10. Satan’s Pilgrims, “Haunted House Of Rock”
11. The Blackball Bandits, “The Flying Pumpkin’”
12. The Aquaholics, “Catacomb Curl”
13. Gein and the Graverobbers, “Haunted House”
14. The Krektones, “Vamp Camp”
15. Lee Kristofferson, “Night Of The Werewolf”
16. The Deadly Ones, “It’s Monster Surfing Time”
17. Messer Chups, “Boys In Skeleton Costumes”
18. Thee Imperials, “Presley Drank The Blood Of Starstruck Teens”
19. The Moontrekkers, “Return Of The Vampires”
20. The Sinisters, “Sinister Ritual”
21. Kill…Baby, Kill, “Psycho Beach Party”
22. The Tiki Creeps, “Tiki Creepin’”
23. Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion, “Unforgettable Skull Deformation”
24. The Apeman, “Surf Dracula”
25. Radium Cats, “The Munsters Theme”
26. The Coffin Wheels, “Halloween Theme”
27. X-Ray Cats, “WolfCop”
28. Go!Tsunami, “Hot Zombie”
29. The Ghouls, “Coffin Nails”
30. The Dyno-Tones, “Night Of The Ghouls”
31. The Von Drats, “Cemetery Stomp”
32. The Southern Beach Terror, “Dead Man’s Boogie”
33. Aaron & The Burrs, “Release The Bats!”
34. The Sloptones, “Demon Haunted”
35. The Mullet Monster Mafia, “Ghastly Stomp”
36. 13 Ghosts, “Halloween”


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