The House of Wild Delights #52

Cloudy Weather, Move on Over and Fly Way Higher !

Lotsa Garage, Zero Garbage, Amazed and in Rage !

This is The House of Wild Delights #52 on Radio Mutation.

DOWNLOAD and get Irradiated by mucho Atomic Stupidity and Cryptic Teenbeat provided by your glow in the dark host :

The screamin’ Soul Preacher !!!

Here’s the playlist :

L’ Interplanétaire- Les Talismans
Space Invaders- Midnite Snaxxx
Drug Culture- Trampoline Team
High On A Cloud- The Traits
A Mushroom Cloud- Sammy Salvo
Radioactive Flip Flop- Harlan Wolf
A Bomb Bop- Mike Fern and Del Royals
Uranium Rock- Warren Smith
Uranium Fever- Rudy Gaddis
Nobody Loves The Hulk- The Traits
Black Lantern- Caesar and his Romans
Captain Dueseldorph- The Starfyres
Hurricane Fighter Plane- Red Crayola
Hydrogen Atom (or Mushrooms Are In)- Bedlam Four

Bed : Evil Plot To Blow Up Batman- Neal Hefti

It’s A Cry’n Shame- The Gentlemen
She’s No Good- The Cyclones
No Good Woman- The Tree
Skin Of My Teeth- The Sherlocks
Move It On Over- Del Shannon
I Said Move- The Aztex
Knock On My Door- The Primates
Knock, Knock- The Humane Society
Alibis- The Bards
Don’t Press Your Luck- The Shags
It’s Too Late- The Pedestrians
Weird- The Wee Four

Bed : Weird- Roscoe and his Little Green Men

Wondrous Place- Billy Fury

Thanks for listening.

(Original pic of Lee A. Merlin as Miss Atomic by Don English.)


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