Shadows In The Void #14

Shadows In The Void #14

Shadows In The Void #14 on Radio Mutation.

Here’s the playlist :
Creep Creep- Heavy Lids (from the downloadable “Final Days” lp on Bandcamp)
Accattone- Midnight Mines (from the downloadable “If You Can’t Find A Partner Use A Wooden Chair” lp on Bandcamp)
Disintegrate- S.B.F. (from the “Double Blind” 7” on Goodbye Boozy)
Cubist’s Grid- The Girls (from the “Reunion” lp on Brasch Music)
Vision Smashed- Rejects (from the “Messthetics Greatest Hits” cd compilation on Hyped To Death)
Barbra- Modernettes (from the “Teen City” 12” ep reissue on Sudden Death)
Send Me Your Ear- Puke Spit and Guts (from the “Eat Hot Lead”  lp reissue on Black  Gladiator/Slovenly)
Sick On You- The Boys (from “The Boys” lp on Dureco/NEMS/Safety Pin)
The Cops Are Coming- The Outcasts (from the “Self Conscious Over You” lp on Good Vibrations)
Doctor’s Wives- Inserts (from the “Outlaws In My Eye, Texas !” cd compilation on Cardiac Arrest)
Control Freaks- Control Freaks (from the “Mindless Entertainment” lp on Slovenly)
Clones- Oblivians (from the “Six Of The Best” 10” ep on Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Modern Man- bAd bAd (from the 7” on Goodbye Boozy)
Walls- Nag (from the 7” on Space Taker)
Niemandsland- Indirekt (from the “Nacht und Nebel” 7” ep on Diehard)
Geographical Problem- Varicose Veins (from the “Bloodstains Across The U.K. vol.2” lp compilation on Bloodstains)
Unemployed- Suburban Homes (soon on Total Punk)
Work- Wet Blankets (from the “Rise Of The Wet Blankets” lp on Anti Fade/Agitated)
Sick Society- Hangover (from the “Killed By Death #50” lp compilation on Punk-Lennart)
Human Car- The Ex (from the “I Don’t Care vol.2” compliation lp on Pseudonym)
I Hate Music- The Mad (from the “Killed By Death #1” lp compilation on Redrum)
Go Go God- Chumps (from the “Bloodstains Across Virginia” lp compilation on Prompt Critic)
Go Go Go- The Lurkers (from the “Fulham Fallout” lp on Beggar’s Banquet)
2 Segundos- 3D (from the downloadable Bandcamp lp on Nada Nada)
I Don’t Play Games- Trampoline Team (from the 7” on Space Taker)




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