It’s Trash! #101 – Psycho Caller Qu’est-ce que c’est?

  1. Tubeway Army- My Love is a Liquid
  2. Basczax- Karleean Photography
  3. Swell Maps- Real Shock
  4. Puncture- Mucky Pup
  5. Carsickness- My and My Cruiser
  6. Kitchen People- Trendoid
  7. Protruders- Cold Energy
  8. Banana Clip- Brain Jar
  9. Nag- I’m so small
  10. Ty Segall- Thank you Mr.K
  11. Mystreated- I try so hard
  12. Pokies- Out of the Blue
  13. Cavegurls- Just out of Reach
  14. Susans- BBQ
  15. Live Fast Die- Forged in Flames
  16. Dong Vegan- Cop Car
  17. Vypers- Mr. Girl
  18. The Jermz- Powercut
  19. The Mekons- 32 Weeks
  20. The Rings- I wanna be free
  21. Pork Dukes- Stuck Up
  22. Timmy’s Organism- Sweet Tooth
  23. Flesh Rag- Tonight
  24. Noble Savages- Who’s gonna solve the Mystery Girls?
  25. Neo Neos- Geriatric Insight
  26. Rubber Mate- Bloody and Drunk
  27. Tightlip- Pushed Around
  28. Cell- Contempt
  29. Macho Boys- Slam ( Decadence)
  30. Ekman and Owen- Gonna go Downtown
  31. Dilettantes- Late to the Party
  32. Chloroform- Walking Out
  33. Klazo- Smash the Letter
  34. Manager- Did It
  35. Drains- Dumpster Town
  36. CCTV- Bob EE

Originally Aired May 19th, 2017 on 94.9FM CHRW


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