Phantom Creep Radio #24: The VooDuo

What is time, but a flat circle? And what is a flat circle but a record to be spun at the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP? It’s the scene where all the devils scream. Tear off your skin. Throw on a fright wig. Be the king in yellow, the queen in black, or whatever color you like. It’s PHANTOM CREEP RADIO, the program that tells you to turn blue, stay sick and drop dead!

Join as THE MIGHTY MOLOCH, DJ GREG-GORY and DJ NIEDERSTADT open up a portal back to the October Country, when THE VOODUO joined the Phantom Creeps for the Halloween installment of the Hop! It’s the rott and roll that even the stiffest of undertakers can dig. So, plug in, turn the dial to the red until you lose your head!

Time may have no meaning, but don’t you miss out on the next MIDNITE MONSTER HOP! The Phantom Creeps come back from the dead at Otto’s Shrunken Head on May 27, bringing along TEX RAILER’S DOOMTOWN! If you need more of the spookshow that shakes you to your very soul, catch PHANTOM CREEP THEATRE at CONEY ISLAND! July 8 is the GLAMOUR GHOUL GALA! See here for more details.

So it’s time to click play and twist your head – and the night – away! Phantom Creep Radio is BACK. ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!!!

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