Runny Noise – Outsider Music

Runny Noise – Outsider Music – Experimental music show for CJLO 1690 AM in Montreal, Canada.

Found this show on, originally aired on July 18, 2010. I did some investigating and found out the host’s name is Danielle. She sounds cool. I don’t believe the show is on anymore as I didn’t see it listed on CJLO’s website. This is great stuff, though. I love weird, outsider music ALMOST as much as I love weirdo rock’n’roll, haha. So listen to this. My SubGenius pals will probably especially dig it. If not, fine, just skip ahead to the next show on our rotation. I might decide to post another episode or two of Runny Noise here in the future. I mean, why not? -køpper

Into the world of the off-key, comic, inane, wacky, like nothing you’ve ever heard before. It’s a show about the stars of the world of “outsider music”- in other words, music which has not been beaten into your brains by too many radio stations. Non-commercial, experimental, sometimes hard to listen to, here are the artists that made the edge of the music world come to life:

The Residents – Medicine Man
BJ Snowden – In Canada
Wesley Willis – My Keyboard Got Damaged
Bingo Galingo and My Robot Friend – You’re Out of the Computer
Luie Luie – El Touchy
Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Stand
Normand L’Amour – La Poignee de Porte
Captain Beefheart – Dachau Blues
David Liebe Heart – Public Access
Ivor Cutler – Go and Sit Upon the Grass
Human Skab – Eat My Skabs/Song of the Century
Ivor Cutler – How Are you shut up
Normand L’Amour – Le Petit Pinson
Normand L’Amour, Davib Liebe Hart, Ivor Cutler
Dynamo Coleoptera Disco
Dennis Duck – All Skate
White Noise – Here Come the Fleas
Scout Niblett – Landing Strip
Thoth The Herma, Scene 5: Recitation/An
The Ridiculous Trio – I wanna be your dog
The Space Lady – I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night
Wesley Willis – Gingerbread Knocked me Out
The Residents – Two Lips
Pastoralia – Daddy Daughter Dance
Grimes – Sardaukar Levenbrech
Pas Chic Chic – Se Mirer Mare
Pompoir – Going Nowhere
Fortress – Otoro
Wasted Widow – Skyscrape my Shapes
Grimes – Rosa
Wicked Witch – Erratic Behaviour


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