Phantom Creep Radio #23: The Long Losts

What was lost, now am found – and what you found, deep underground, is that cra-a-a-a-zy sound that’s going around! This ain’t no fever. This ain’t no cold. It’s a twice-terrifying tale that’s too strange to behold. It’s PHANTOM CREEP RADIO, broadcasting live and undead from the back of Otto’s Shrunken Head!

Travel through time and space in a devious race back to when THE LONG LOSTS tempted you to lose control and sell your soul in the greatest ever Trick ‘R Treat of all time. Listen in delight – and in fright – as these they terrify and exhilarate. Even the shadows had to dance along. The music is so enchanting, you may run screaming off into the woods, never to be seen again. But we’ll find you. We’ll always find you.

What does the future hold for PHANTOM CREEP RADIO and the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP? Only THE MIGHTY MOLOCH knows. He and DJ GREG-GORY spin the splatter platters that really matter, making everyone lose their minds (and really, who needs it anyway?) Don’t lose your way – follow the Midnite Monster Hop on Facebook for all the upcoming events so you can come get lost, too.

So tear off your face, run screaming off into space because it’s time to press play. PHANTOM CREEP RADIO is back ON. THE. SCARE!!!!!!

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Instagram: PhantomCreepNYC
Facebook: MidniteMonsterHop
Facebook: PhantCreepTheatre


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