It’s Trash! #97 – Live to Air with Dong Vegan

  1. Trash- Priorities
  2. Rik and the Pigs- Gimme Mick
  3. Twinkeyz- Alpha Jerk
  4. FNU Clone Inc.- Entropic Pop Game
  5. Devo- Jocko Homo
  6. Neo Neos- Jimmy’s Problem
  7. Protruders- Ice Cream
  8. Dow Jones and the Industrials- Dude in Direction Field
  9. Enemas- Easy Come Easy Go
  10. Manager- So n So
  11. The Cure- I want to be old
  12. Viletones- I hate you- without you
  13. Vice Squad- Scarred for Life
  14. Mad Virgins- I am a Computer
  15. New Bondage- Got no Job
  16. Hollywood Squares- Ashes and Dust
  17. Iggy Pop- Funtime
  18. Power- Electric Glitter Boogie
  19. Plates- At Sea
  20. Speck- Lips
  21. Bleeding Gums- Alone
  22. Macho Boys- Stone Cold
  23. Beta Boys- Silver Spoon
  24. Bike Cop- Bibliofucked
  25. Banana Clip- Blue Jeans
  26. Drains- Easy to Love
  27. Dry Heave- Slander! Libel! Slander!
  28. Poison Spur- Tornado of Teeth
  29. Acrylics- He wants a Baby
  30. Abandos- Blame it on the City
  31. Secrets- Teenage Rampage
  32. Drastic Measures- Flowers
  33. Luxury Units- Chilly Grover
  34. D.L.I.M.C.- Wicker Park
  35. Dong Vegan- Garbage Blood
  36. Dong Vegan- New Policy
  37. Dong Vegan- My Body is a Canvas
  38. Dong Vegan- Brat
  39. Dong Vegan- Cop Car
  40. Red Arms- Soviet Red White and Blues
  41. Radiation Risks- Caribbean Knights

Originally Aired March 24th, 2017 on 94.9fm CHRW


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