The House of Wild Delights #50

The House of Wild Delights #50 on Radio Mutation.

Cryptic angst and rowdy teeners,
Muddy swamps and moody rivers,
Please get aboard for a 60 minutes trip
with your favorite ghoulish creep :
The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

Download and get muddy !!!

In case you got lost in the mist, here’s the playlist :

Heartbreak Hotel- The Cramps
Kangoku Rock (Jailhouse Rock)- Theee Bat
I Got The Blues- Action Swingers
Distemper- The Ar-Kaics
Clock On The Wall- The Sounds Like Us
Endgame- Don Howland

Bed : Joanie- Archie and the Bunkers

All Is Gone- The Shade
Ambulance Man- The Deadly Snakes
Baby Get Lost- The Barracudas
I Love You- The Worlocks
When I See You- Billy and the Kids
Don’t Turn Away- The Time Takers
Blue Carnation- Dennis Roberts

Bed : Don’t Call Me Flyface- The Reekers

Baby, You Just Wait- The Spirals
Crawdad- The Colonials
Old Moss Back- Jim Oertling and the Bayou Boys
Moody River- Gibson Bros
The Ghosts Of The Old San Juan- Haunted George
Blow Wind Blow- Wilmouth Houdini

Bed : Farewell Blues- Sol Hoopii

Last Kind Words Blues- Geeshie Wiley

Thanks for listening.
See you someday, Honey…


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