Shock Therapy #1

In the summer of 2016 I started working on a new podcast called Shock Therapy. I basically created a couple of playlists on my Soundcloud account and was using those to “lay out” the songs that I’d include. Then I started putting the shows together using GarageBand on my MacBook Pro, which then decided to crash, taking the original podcast production files with it. Kinda shelved the idea at that point, until about a month ago when a friend of mine was able to save the data from the old hard disc and load it onto a new one for me, and lo and behold, there were the Shock Therapy GarageBand files I’d been working on. So I decided to go ahead and finish them up and post them here. This is the first episode, originally started in May/June 2016. Enjoy!


Black Panties – Future (Windian)
No Limit – Moving Out/Radiation Poison/Say That Again/Zilch (Goodbye Boozy)

David Peel – The Master Race (HoZac Archival Records)
Upheaval – Paradise Lost (Love Records, 1979)
Dirty Fences – Heaven Is Tonight
Jeffrey Novak – Pictures on a Screen (Trouble in Mind)
Hydeouts – Doom & Gloom (Custom Made Music)

Candy Dogs – Palewave
Brat Farrar – Feel This Way (Hound Gawd! Records)
Distractor – Spaceman (Burger Cassette)
Suburban Homes – Conformity in the U.K. (Total Punk)
Giorgio Murderer – I Ain’t Doing So Hot (Pelican Pow Wow)

The Tough Shits – Cats & Dogs (Burger Records)
Timmy’s Organism – Cats on the Moon (In the Red Records)
Timmy’s Organism – Get Up, Get Out (Third Man Records)
White Fang – Wrecked (Burger Records)
Great Dismal Swamis – I Wanna Get Ripped (Windian Records)
Soda Boys – Burgers & Fries (Total Punk)

Fuzz – Rat Race (In The Red Records)


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