Phantom Creep Radio #22: Little Lesley & The Bloodshots

The blood…the blood is the life! And your radio has come back to life with that groovy sound coming six feet underground: PHANTOM CREEP RADIO! Jump into the outta space, outta time pulmonary vessel, the BUCKET OF BLOOD, to travel back to when LITTLE LESLEY AND THE BLOODSHOTS painted the town red! Or, at least, the back of OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD!

Before listening to the rock and roll worth selling your soul, listen to THE MIGHTY MOLOCH get literary while pondering existence and oblivion before joining DJ GREG-GORY to find a universe inside a spinning record. If things get too heavy, don’t worry. Just remove your brain and leave it behind the bar.

Mindless zombies and disembodied brains are welcome to join the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP on February 25 th, when THE MAD DOCTORS blend fuzz and science to produce ROCK AND ROLL. They’ll be joined by the masked marauders of horror surf rock, GENKI GENKI PANIC, whose sinister guitars will show no mercy!

So don’t oh-so-negative. Be the positive type and get your veins pumping. Because the hemoglobin is fresh and so are the tunes, because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO is on the scare!

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