It’s Trash! #89 – Where’s my Dingbat?


  1. Munks- Long Time Waiting
  2. Trmrs- Reality Waves/Interlude
  3. Comets on Fire- Black Poodle
  4. Adaptive Reaction- SOS
  5. Goggs- Falling In
  6. Couteau Latex- Demarche Favre
  7. Sick Thoughts- Choose Death
  8. Leather Jacuzzi- Here come Mr. Suck
  9. Shark Toys- Who Cares?
  10. Neutrals- You pay my Rent
  11. Syndicate- Partisan
  12. Composite- Pre Meditation
  13. UIC- Anything at All
  14. UIC- Light it and Fly
  15. Flesh Rag- Stay Away
  16. Synthetic ID- Forced Exhalations
  17. Utah Jazz- After the Bomb
  18. Fangs- Come On
  19. Lumpy and the Dumpers- Numbing Agent
  20. Liquids- Speed
  21. LS Dogs- You’re Done
  22. X45- Mad Laughter
  23. Darryl Read Group- Back Street Urchin
  24. The Scabs- U.R.E.
  25. Suburban Homes- Small Town Boredom
  26. Terminal Sunglasses- My cat got ran over with a Bus
  27. Limbo- Jenny
  28. Dik Van Dykes- Leave this City
  29. Hemingers- Diggy Diggy
  30. Dead Boys- What Love Is
  31. Prom Nite- Tied Down
  32. Raw Pony- Shattered
  33. Simply Saucer- Mole Machine
  34. 39 Clocks- DNS
  35. Buzzcocks- Hollow Inside
  36. Statics- Rebel like Me
  37. Pity- No God to Judge Me

Originally Aired December 2nd, 2016 on 94.9fm CHRW


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