Phantom Creep Radio #19: Forbidden Dimension


Do you dare journey where you’re not allowed? Do you trespass, do you go beyond what is comfortable and safe? As the world prepares for Halloween, have you been living a life behind a mask and are ready to rip if off to reveal what secrets lie beneath? Then you’re tuned into the right forbidden frequency because it’s time for PHANTOM CREEP RADIO!

As he prepares for the October MIDNITE MONSTER HOP, THE MIGHTHY MOLOCH takes you on a tour of the outtaspace, outtatime pulmonary vessel — THE BUCKET OF BLOOD! After you look into the crimson abyss (and it looks back into you) then listen to JACKSON PHIBES talk before he and the rest of FORBIDDEN DIMENSION play live and undead in the back of OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD!

If you survive this dive into the hidden and taboo, then make plans to head to the Monster Hop on October 29. Moloch, DJ GREG-GORY, ISADORA SPIVEY, EK THE GHOUL, STRANGE JASON, FARMER SMITH and the rest of the PHANTOM CREEPS are joined by and special guest DJ NIEDERSTADT as THE VOODUO, THE CRIMSON GHOSTS and THE BRICKBATS bring a triple-bill of terror. It also happens to be the 66.6th Year Anniversary of EC COMICS!

Tune in, freak out and lose your head. Rip off your skin, bite off your nose and tear out your hair because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS ON THE SCARE!

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