The House of Wild Delights #48


The House of Wild Delights #48 on Radio Mutation with your long lost host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

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Here’s the playlist :

Swing For The Crime- The Saints
Crimes Of The Future- Wild Billy Childish
Gonna Shake It (Until It Dies)- Don Howland
Dinero- Les Tontons Macoutes
She’s Gone- The Young Strangers
Demons- Ghali

Bed : Nine Mile Blubber Pile- Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds

Whisky B4 Sleep- The Golden Boys
Monster- Silvertooth Loos and the Witch
You Say (You Love Me)- Chrome Reverse
(I’m) Crying- Florian Monday and his Mondos
Just Give Me Time- The « In »
By The Whey- The Wead

Bed : The Big Wheel- Clifton Chenier

Bayou Lou- Ken Galloway
Swamp Hop- Bob Buster
Alligator Man- Stanley James
Alligator Came Across- Arlie Duff
Swamp Gal- Tommy Bell
I’ll Be There- Tommy Todd

Bed : Sad Sack- Bo Diddley

Life Stinks- Peter Laughner
Dreamless- Beatniks
You’ll Never Make It- Life Stinks
What Good Am I- Jaibi
Can’t Live Without You- The Evil I
You Never Let Your Feelings Show- The Masonics

Bed : Call It A Day- The Masonics

Dead Drunk Blues- Margaret Johnson

Thanks for listening.


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