Phantom Creep Radio #18: Screamin’ Rebel Angels

Phantom Creep Radio

Rage at the dying of the light as the summer days give way to long, unforgiving autumn nights! The hours are getting colder and the shadows are getting bolder. If perhaps you feel a chilly hand upon your shoulder, don’t turn around! Instead — open your mouth and let out a frightful sound! Scream, scream as if your life depends on it! Join in with some demented company and the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP howls, bays and cackles in glee at another edition of PHANTOM CREEP RADIO, broadcasting on that horrible frequency.

Coming live an undead from OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD in New York City, it’s a night where doppelgangers are dropping in for a drink. Is that THE MIGHTY MOLOCH at the start of the show, or EK THE GHOUL? You decide!

And after finding out, tune into SCREAMIN’ REBEL ANGELS! They were deadlier than a pack of flesh-hungry ghasts, killing it on stage when they played along with FORBIDDEN DIMENSION. And it’ll be just as killer when THEE ICEPICKS and THE JASONS slay at the Midnite Monster Hop on September 24!

Tune in, freak out and lose your head. Rip off your skin, bite off your nose and tear out your hair because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO IS ON THE SCARE!

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