Phantom Creep Radio #17

Phantom Creep Radio

It’s time to twist and turn, blister and burn because WE RETURN to the MIDNITE MONSTER HOP for another edition of PHANTOM CREEP RADIO! Dive headfirst into the BUCKET OF BLOOD and travel through time and space with THE MIGHTY MOLOCH, as he introduces you to the forbidden knowledge of the universe – before spinning the tunes that blow your mind!

TWIN GUNS take the stage at OTTO’S SHRUNKEN HEAD in NEW YORK CITY, with the coolest sound this side of Hell. This live and undead set hits the ears like a demonic possession, so check your soul at the door and get ready for rock, roll and so much gore!

DJ GREG-GORY flaps in and spins some bloody good tracks, while a creeper decides to hang out on the telephone. It’s all one big bash before FORBIDDEN DIMENSION haunts the MONSTER HOP, along with SCREAMIN’ REBEL ANGELS, on Aug. 27! It’s sooner than you think, so don’t think! Just drink, dance, moan, scream, and howl at the moon. Because PHANTOM CREEP RADIO is on the scare!!!!

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