GaragePunk Hideout Unknowns Pt. 2

Another collection of UNKNOWN tracks that were found on the cutting room floor after the 10 volumes of the GaragePunk Hideout Comp Series was completed. Offered up mixtape-style with no DJ interruptions for your listening enjoyment.

Featuring music by the Suspiros, the Lovesores, Party Lights, the Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama, Jesus & the Groupies, T. Tex Edwards & the Saddletramps, the Revox, the Night Jars, the Meatballs, Fire Bad!, Photoroman, the Bad Joke That Ended Well, the D-Rays, the 99ers, Northside Garage, the Bluebirds, the Deltics, the Heartbeats, Invaders From Verdelha, the Spook Lights, the Frankenstein V, and more.


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