The House of Wild Delights #38

The House of Wild Delights #38

The House of Wild Delights #38

The House of Wild Delights #38

Devils and killers, serpents and spiders, bongos and murders, weirdos and lovers, sinners, preachers, strippers and prowlers, all gathered round to party hard here, in The House of Wild Delights !

Right now, that cursed wicked haunted place is packed with all kinds of twisted fuckers, bizarre creatures and the walls are  painted with hot fresh blood !

Better run away from this House of Dark Desires while you still can, my friends.

You’ve been warned…

DOWNLOAD and get lost…



Below are the charges :

“Satanismo”- Thee Cormans
“Tylanol Killer”- Le Face
“Gacy’s Place”- The Mentally Ill
“T.V. Set”- The Cramps
“Albert, Albert”- The Bugs

Bed : “Murder”- The Tramps

“Train to Satanville”- Gin Gillette (conductor : Jessie Sales)
“Makin’ Deals”- The Satans
“Dry Bones Twist”- The Drivers
“Laughing over my Grave”- Ray Stevens
“Black”- The Throb
“Serpents & Spiders”- The Valiants (vocalist : Jim Friis)

Bed : “Satan’s Theme”- The Rondels

“Swampland”- Scientists
“Jack On Fire”- The Gun Club
“Girls Girls Girls”- Bassholes
“Down in the Willow”- Wade Mainer & Zeke Morris
“Psycho”- Eddie Noack

Bed : “March Slav Boogie”- Homer Denison Jr

“Troubled Times”- Thee Headcoats
“Pretty Girls Every Where”- Los Shain’s
“Mad Man”- Jimmy Wages
“Crazy, Crazy Lovin’”- Johnny Carroll and his Hot Rocks
“I Hear Thunder”- Paul Ballenger and the Flares

Bed : “Goatsville”- Jay Hodge Ork feat. Lloyd Rowe

“Do I Do Right”- Lou & Ginny with Terry Meil

“Puke Pudding”- Sneaky Pinks

That’s all Freaks !!!

Thanks for glistening and to all the supagreat bands I’ve played !

Extra thanks to anyone !!!

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