GaragePunk Surfcast #29

Just escaped from his Prison of Wild Delights, The drownin’ Surf Preacher is glad to be the guest host of the GaragePunk Surfcast episode 29.

Being so mentally retarded by centuries spent locked in a dark cave, it was hard for him to face the light of the Sun and work on a whole playlist inspired by the munificence of the Ocean, the haunting chant of the Waves and the spirit of Freedom…that’s why he sent the special signal and called for his special fiends and friends to bring you this special episode.

Now, beware sweeties and gremmies coz here are 5 crude rude dudes from the Surf Dimension !

Here are Tsunami AmyDale the Squale, the Rev. HerbTidal Dave and the Bitch Preach from the Peach Beach ready to bring you the tuff surf stuff that’ll make your board spinning round and round as if it was sucked down by some ultra cool whirlpool you stoopid fool !!!

Five mighty selecters for 500% more reverb’ explosion, kiddies !!!

Get ready, wax your boards or whatever and ENJOY !!!

More details and playlist on GARAGEPUNK.COM.


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