Noise Annoys #10


One thing I got really tired of with my previous podcasts was trying to think of or plan episodes in terms of themes. Savage Kick was like that at times. I decided to dump that line of thinking for Noise Annoys and just create a music mix of wild punk and rock’n’roll that really had no point other than to just knock you out with its raw savagery. I don’t talk a lot, either, and when I do open up the mic, my voice is heavily distorted and abrasive, just like the music. That’s all part of the idea, the purpose. Less talk, more rock. This is the tenth installment of this show and I hope you’re liking it so far. It seems with every new episode I’m able to find both new and old stuff to throw together to make it work. I figure I’ll keep doing this as long as I have the songs to make it work.


Minor Threat – Look Back and Laugh
Crass – Banned From the Roxy/G’s Song
The Krunchies – Reaffirming My Hatred of Humanity Through Failed Relationships
Dean Dirg – Everyone Back Off!
DMZ – Don’t Jump Me Mother
The Wailers – Out of Our Tree
Terry Clements & the Tune Tones – She’s My Baby Doll
The Omens – Searching
The Lemonheads – Rat Velvet
The Humpers – Up Yer Heart
The Honeymoon Killers – Too Much
’68 Comeback – Dark Cloud
The Starfires – I Never Loved Her
The Hospitals – Again & Again
Joy Division – Warsaw
The Screamers – Vertigo
The Pointed Sticks – Part of the Noise
Black Time – Midnight World
The Functional Blackouts – Tick Tick Tick
Clone Defects – Scissors Chop
Human Eye – Kill Pop Culture
The Horrors – Looking for Action
Good Feelins – Shattered


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