Noise Annoys #7


Shit-hot rock’n’roll, garage, punk, hardcore, noise… NOISE ANNOYS! Enjoy.


Monks – Complication
Mean Jeans – Steve Don’t Party No More
Dwarves – Drug Store
Gasoline – Jesus
The Gories – Makin’ Love
The Seeds – Nobody Spoil My Fun
The Reatards – Get Outta Our Way
Charlie & the Moonhearts – I Hate You
D.O.A. – Fuck You
GG Allin – Cheri Love Affair
Le Face – Salvidor Dali
Beat Happening – Black Candy
Roy Junior – Victim of Circumstances
The Savages – The World Ain’t Round, It’s Square
Johnny Knight – Rock and Roll Guitar
The Rip Offs – Ugly
The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
Pack – Nobody Can Tell Us
The Mullens – Not So Nice
Sons of Hercules – Gimme Some
Bad Brains – Pay to Cum
The Black Lips – Can’t Dance
Six & Violence – Golf
Micronotz – Polyester Slave
Teengenerate – Bloody Belgium
Persuaders – Heart of Chrome


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