Noise Annoys #1


The debut episode of Noise Annoys with Kopper (formerly of the Savage Kick podcast), a megaphonic blast of REAL rock’n’roll, including garage, punk, hardcore, sleaze, psych, trash, rockabilly, R&B, and other noisy morsels of REAL rock’n’roll. Show also streams on Wednesday afternoons on


The Buzzcocks – Noise Annoys
Herschell Gordon Lewis – Noise
Naked Raygun – Backlash Jack
Hasil Adkins – The Hunch
The Swamp Rats – I’m Going Home
The Black Lips – Veni Vidi Vici
Germs – Lexicon Devil
I’m With Stupid – Swank-O-Pation
Crash Normal – Like a Horse
The Mortals – Turn Away
Ty Segall – Pretty Woman
The Feeling of Love – Better Than a Dog Detective
The Anals – Ditch
Adrian Lloyd – Lorna
Morty Shan & the Morticians – Movin’ In
Fireworks – She’s a Tornado
The Screamin’ Mee-Mees – Hot Sody
Atomic Suplex – I’m On
Blitzkriegbliss – Beast
The Nips – All the Time in the World
The Carbonas – 3 Days Away
The Pagans – Haven’t Got the Time


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