Rock’n’Roll Suicide #77

Host: R. Fink

Punk 77? Fuck that! This is Rock’n’Roll Suicide #77. More new platters from the likes of the Coconut Coolouts, Scrams, Useless Eaters, Jackie & the Cedrics, Haunted George, Black Jaspers, Mean Jeans, Shannon & the Clams, Pedator, Thee Fine Lines, Brimstone Howl, Charlie & the Moonhearts and more. C’mon let’s go!

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PLEASE NOTE: This will be the final episode of Rock’n’Roll Suicide that is posted on the blog. As of January 2010, you’ll find R. Fink’s podcast posted on his blog at the GaragePunk Hideout. If you would like to continue receiving his podcast, be sure to subscribe to his show’s feed using the link below, and/or befriend him on the Hideout. Thanks!



  1. R. Fink says:

    it’s Trouble In Mind not Time In Mind…

    Coconut Coolouts: Yeah Right (Ken Rock)
    Scrams: Flea Market Rock (Scram)
    Uranium Comeback: Walking (Ottawa Ga Ga, Going Ga Ga)
    Bad Sports: Sinking You (s/t, Douchemaster)
    Bad Sports: Face Like That (s/t, Douchemaster)
    Predator: Honest Man (Rob’s House)
    Charlie & the Moonhearts: Real Hot Breakers (Trouble In Mind)
    Fine Lines: She’s Kind Of Evil (Ken Rock)
    Ty Segall: My Sunshine (Trouble In Mind)
    Useless Eaters: Hear/See (Shattered)
    Shannon & the Clams: I Wanna Go Home (I Wanna Go Home, 1234 Go)
    Jackie & the Cedrics: Rip It Out! (Norton)
    Haunted George: Blood On The Moon (Where’s Charlie Jones?, In The Red)
    Black Jaspers: I Wanna Be Your Razorblade (s/t, In The Red)
    Oooga Boogas: Oooga Booga II (Romance And Adventure, Arrrght)
    Intellectuals: The Photographer (Triple, Jeet Kune)
    Black Time: I C U (Skulltone)
    Brimstone Howl: M-60 (Big Deal, What’s He Done Lately, Alive)
    Moby Dicks: Fuck Off Baby (Mammoth Cave)
    Mean Jeans: Let’s Pogo B 4 U Go Go (Are You Serious?, Dirtnap)
    Resonars: No Horizon (That Evil Drone, Burger)
    Wheels Of Fire: Bad Lie (Trouble In Mind)
    Sedatives: Teenage Runaway (Ottawa Ga Ga, Going Ga Ga)
    Frisco Dykes: Buddy Suicide (demo)
    Coprolitos: No Pasaras (Blondes Must Die)
    Hipshakes: I’m Gone (Die Sluaghterhaus)
    White Fang: Parties To Crash (Whatever, Marriage)

  2. kooler says:

    sicker than my frito chili pie. last two shows have been so fukking sweet, and i love that you used your own intro on this one, the other one gets annoying all the time.

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