The House of Wild Delights #9

The House of Wild Delights #9

Oops Bibi , this is episode 9 of The House of Wild Delights on the GaragePunk Podcast Network and this time your devoted host The screamin’ Soul Preacher invites you to take a trip to the legendary Middle East !!!

So sit down comfortably on your carpet, have a good pull at your hookah and enjoy the rejoicing view of delicious creatures belly dancing to the exotic sounds of  Ganimian and his Orientals, The Sheiks and so much more, here in the Oasis of Oriental Delights !!!

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Here’s the playlist :

“Jelly Belly”- Jelly Baby
“Come with me to the Casbah”- Ganimian and his Orientals

Bed : “Baghdad rock”- The Sheiks

“Camel walk (part II)”- The Saxons
“Sound of Mecca”- The Blazers
“Sahara”- Jan Davis
“Scorpion”- Jimmy McConville
“Sheeba”- The Shan-Tones

Bed : “The Sheik of Araby”- The Super-Sonics with Third Dimensional Sound

“Arabia”- The Delcos
“Bila”- The Versatones
“Ahab, the Arab”- Ray Stevens
“Desert boots”- The Vi-Kings
“Scorpion”- The Carnations (I didn’t know which version to choose so I played both !)

Bed : “Sultan’s delight”- The Sheiks

“Turkish coffee”- Tony Osborne with his Piano and Orchestra
“Shish-kebab”- Ralph Marterie
“Loukoum”- Kemal Rachid
“Turkish taffy”- Terry Snyder
“Ya ha Bi bi”- The Sheiks

Bed : “Arabian surf”- The Atlantics

“Pharaoh-a-go go”- Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs
“Camel walk (part I)- The Saxons
“Oasis”- The Majestics
“Mo-rockin”- The Arabian Knights
“Blue pepper (Far East of the blues)- Duke Ellington

Bed : “Desert land”- The Checker Board Squares

“Arabian jerk”- The Merits
“Belly dance a go-go”- The Sheik and his Men
“Arabian love call”- Art Neville
“The Mummy”- Bob McFadden and Dor
“The Mummy’s bracelet”- Lee Ross

Bed :”Harem orgy”- Mohammed and his Robed Rockers

“Two hump dual bump camel named Robert E. Lee”- Gary Paxton and the ?s

That’s it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the show and you’ll come back for more belly twistin’ and camel jerkin’ here in The House of Wild Delights on with your host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher.

Thanks for listening.



One more extra thanks to Kopper who made all this possible.

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