GaragePunk Surfcast #18


Host: Shoutin’ Kount Surfula

Inspired by the recent discovery of his first surfboard in a stack of crap destined for the Salvation Army (thanks Mom!), Kount (ahem) Surfula is taking his cherry run at the big wave known as the GaragePunk Surfcast!

With his sand-scratched and salt-sprayed collection of waxed-up big guns and short sticks (um, LPs and 45s — tryin’ to be clever here…), the Kount’s taking you on a tandem run through the green room, hittin’ the strip and runnin’ with the Devils!!!

Reverb-drenched and fuzzed-out lunacy from the Tornadoes, the Trashmen, the Bomboras, Davie Allan & the Arrows, the Vibrants and a whole cuckoo’s nest full of strait-jacketed instro-maniacs!

Now let’s don our doggers, wax our sticks and jazz the glass. IT’S OFF THE RICHTER, BABIES!!


1. The Blazers – Beaver Patrol
2. The Tornadoes – Shootin’ Beavers
3. Yuzo Kayama & The Launchers – Black Sand Beach
4. Dick Dale – Banzai Washout
5. The Aqualads – Surfin’ With The Sharks
6. The Verbtones – Lost In The Shadows
7. The Kilaueas – Tunguska Blast
8. The Nebulas – RhinoChaser
9. The Finks – Eliminator
10. Manuel & The Renegades – Woody Wagon
11. Jan Davis – Boss Machine
12. Beep Beep & The Roadrunners – Shiftin’ Gears
13. Gene Moles – Burnin’ Rubber
14. The Vibrants – Fuel Injection
15. The Trashmen – Stick Shift
16. The Deuce Coupes – Gear Masher
17. Davie Allan & The Arrows – Devil’s Angels
18. Satan’s Pilgrims – Psycle Pswami
19. The Ghastly Ones – Werewolves On Wheels
20. The Bomboras – Land of the One Percenters
21. The Newport Nomads – Blue Mallard
22. Mac Rebennack – Storm Warning
23. The Thunderrocks – Rampage
24. The Rumblers – Boss
25. The Swanks – Ghost Train



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