RadiOblivion #43

Host: Michael Kaiser

The third annual “No Halloween Show” on RadiOblivion, baby!

Get the pants scared right off you by many of today’s top hit makers, including: Haunted George, Tav Falco’s Panther Burns, the Jinxes, the Vooduo, the Kollektion, Soul Continentals, Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds, Chasers, the Tuetonics, the Plague, and many more.

Guaranteed Better Living Through Discarded Music, or every single penny will be refunded.

*No holidays were harmed in the making of this eppy-sode*



  1. Martha Westbrook says:

    My face hurts from smiling so hard! A W E S O M E!!!
    Man I wish I would’ve had a car so I could’ve made it down to meet you and Howie and Max and Heidi. Thanks for another EXCELLENT show Michael!

  2. swt says:

    Thanks for the Enchilada shoutout, Mr. K. And thanks for alerting me to The Scrams. I wondered who those guys in my backyard were.

  3. David Bowie says:

    dood, i really like the music you play, but why are you always yelling?

    l e s s t a l k m o r e c o c k .


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