The House of Wild Delights #7

The House of Wild Delights #7

The House of Wild Delights #7

As you all know, night time is the right time …
So please, let The screamin’ Soul Preacher guide you through the narrow corridors and dark corners of THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS for this 7th episode, on GaragePunk Pirate Radio, join this nocturnal party and get ready to shake and shout all through the night !!!

Hear great classics by The Mighty Hannibal, The Sonics or Dwight Pullen mixed in an orgy of sounds with untamed rockabilly, moody depressed 60’s teenage punks, retarded limbo jungle beats, honkin’& wailin’ orchestras, lonely broken-hearted outcasts and even a few monsters songs for those who were expecting some kind of Halloween special !!!

Alright ! Are you ready for this ?
Please, dare step in….

DOWNLOAD and get dark…

Here’s the playlist :

“Midnight stroll”- The Revels

Bed : “You, the night…and the music”- Gallon Drunk

“All night”- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
“All nite long”- The Mighty Hannibal
“Witch for the night”- Sugar Pie DeSanto
“In the night”- Benny Spellman
“All night long”- Joe Houston

Bed : “Big city after dark”- Link Wray

“All night through the Buttobase”- Guitar Wolf
“Cry in the night”- Q65
“Night driver”- Big Foot Chester
“Don’t be afraid of the dark”- The Sonics
“Night of the phantom”- Larry and the Blue Notes

Bed : “Night rider”- Ed Burkey

“I had too much to dream (last night)”- The Electric Prunes
“Every night”- The Human Expression
“In the cover of the night”- Don & Jerry with the Fugitives
“Sleepless nights”- The Ravens
“One night in the darkness”- Frut of the Loom

Bed : “Night beat”- The Phantoms

“I walked all night”- The Embers
“Midnight limbo”- The Tides
“Midnight rain”- Gary Warren
“Cold dark night”- Geo. Lester
“Midnight sun”- Dean Carter

Bed : “Moonbow”- Duke Ellington

“Black night”- Tommy Angel
“Night mare”- Billy Sills
“Midnight dreams”- Tommy Bell
“Sunglasses after dark”- Dwight Pullen
“Midnight monster hop”- Jack & Jim

Bed : “ Otis in the dark”- Otis Spann

That’s it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the show and you’ll come back for more dark twistin’ and night howlin’, here in THE HOUSE OF WILD DELIGHTS with your host : The screamin’ Soul Preacher on !!!

Thanks for listening.

Super extra thanks to Kopper who keeps posting these stooooopid shows of mine (and all the others) whatever the weather !



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