Shout Bamalama! Episode 1



Shout Bamalama‘s one and only goal is to kick your ass with slop and fury! We got top-shelf trashy, gut-bucket, sewer-dwellin’, screamin’ rock ‘n’ roll—y’know… the good stuff, natch! We got a poison for every taste—rhythm & blues, soul, punk, garage, surf, rockabilly, and maybe even a little bit o’ country if the mood should strike!

This here’s the DAY-BYU episode of Shout Bamalama! and we’re gonna drag yo’ ass down below the Masey/Dixie Line!! Though I currently hang my hat in the Great White North, my heart and my real home will always be down South in the middle of Dixie. Two or three times a year I have to haul my carcass back home to recharge the batteries with wet, sticky heat, stickier BBQ, bourbon and sweet tea!! So in honor of my recent trip, we gonna get gritty, greasy, lowdown and sleazy! Good enough to make you slap yo’ mama!!



Hot Potatoes – Guitar Red (Excello)
My Mumblin’ Baby – Rudy Green (Excello)
Kiss,Kiss,Kiss – Clifford Curry, Jr. With Dewey Guy And The Fabulous Six (Ridgecrest)
The Wobble – Jimmy McCracklin (Mercury)
Take A Chance On Me – Jimmy Shaw (Concept)
Tippie & The Clovermen – Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (Stenton)
Artie Wilson – Jerry, Jerry (Kent)
King David & The Imperials – I Go Ape (Bamalama Records)
The Jinxes – Mosquitos (demo)
The Counts Of Nowhere – Why Baby Why (Trashville)
The Lustre Kings – The Way I Walk (Trashville)
The Shades – Splashin’ (NRC)
The Cryin’ Jags – Tore Up (Bamalama Records)
Mumbles Scott & The Esquires – Baby What You Want Me To Do? (Applause)
Dr Spec’s Optical Illusion – Tryin’ To Mess My Mind (Eva)
The Tiaras – Sticks & Stones (Ruff)
The Ravin’ Blue – It’s Not Real (Monument)
Kit & The Outlaws – Don’t Tread On Me (Philips)
The Fanatics – I Will Not Be Lonely (Gina)
The Londons – Old Man, A Thing Of Age (Pyramid)
The Missing Lynx – Louie Go Home (Crypt)
Hate Bombs – One Inch Punch (360 Twist)
The Woggles – Got A Heat On (Telstar)
The Woggles – Sweet Tea (One Louder)
Million Sellers – I Can’t Help It (Bamalama Records)


  1. mainstreetmark says:

    Fucking excellent, man…

    I’d definitely subscribe to your podcast, were I not already subscribed to all the other GP shows.

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